Figure-rise Standard Amplified - Yu Gi Oh! - Blue Eyes White Dragon (Model Kit)


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- [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters] Blue-Eyes White Dragon, one of the most popular monsters, has been turned into a figure-rise Standard Amplified series!

- “Amplify” the charm of the character with a new interpretation design arrangement unique to the plastic model.
- Metallic blue is used for the molding color, and we succeeded in maximizing the mysterious charm that resides in the character.
- Equipped with a joint shaft on both huge wings, which is about 265 mm with just one wing.
- Soft material is used for the wing membrane. Gradation printing is applied, and you can enjoy various color changes depending on the angle and pose.
- A movable axis is adopted for each joint of the arm and leg. A wide range of movement is realized while reproducing the unique outline of the dragon.
-The neck and tail are divided into parts that match the joints and have built-in lead wires to create a supple movement that makes you feel life. It does not lose its form even with "flexing" and "twisting" movements.
- The jaw and tongue of the head can be moved, allowing you to express yourself when posing. The inside of the mouth is color-coded according to the molding color.
- Two types of display joint parts are included to expand the range of poses.