G-force (Nintendo DS)


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Product Overview

G-Force is a fast-paced action-platform game featuring a unique elite team of specially trained guinea pigs that use high-tech gadgets and specialized talents to complete a dangerous government mission. G-Force puts players in control of both Darwin, the guinea pig leader of the covert intelligence G-Force squad, and housefly surveillance sidekick, Mooch, as they team up with the other G-Force agents and use their gadgets, stealth mastery and pint-sized teamwork as mankinds only hope to complete a dangerous high-level government mission. G-Force uses innovative gameplay featuring a unique sense of scale, puzzle solving that requires players to manipulate environments and enemies, including diabolical waffle irons among evil household appliances.

Unique gameplay requiring the player to switch between Darwin, a guinea pig, and Mooch, a housefly
Special abilities for each character: Darwin's hoverpack lets players speed through areas or fly up to higher altitudes
Mooch can slow down time
Innovative platform puzzle solving to reach new areas and trigger gadgets
New enemies, weapons and locations not seen in the film
Characters' voices match ""G-Force"" film: Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau and Bill Nighy
Wii-specific features:
Battle an army of evil robots with cool weapons and high-tech gadgets not seen in the movie!
Play as Darwin, the leader of the G-Force, and Mooch, your housefly commando sidekick!
Turn enemies into allies with the Saber micro-chip implanting technology!
Blast your way through action packed levels in the G-Force Rapid Deployment Vehicle!