BB Crystal 2 Formulas SD Gundam (3 figures)

Bandai - Gunpla

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Product Overview

This re-release of the classic plastic kit set features three snap-fit SD Gundam Formulars
Super Dragon Guardian Formulandar Jr.,
Captain Formular 91 Jr.
and Captain Neo Gundam Jr.

Principal parts molded in coloured clear plastic

Super Dragon Guardian Formulandar Jr. is transformable into Super Gun-Dragon,
Captain Formular 91 Jr. is transformable into Star Griffon,
Captain Neo Gundam Jr. is transformable into Great Burst Phoenix Mode.

Each figure is packed in their own bag and comes with the weaponry and foil stickers for additional detail.

Also included in this set is a "Gundam Chi-Bi-Senshi Comic World Special 2" three-page comic, Chi-Bi frame strengthening foil stickers, and a sheet of SDV jumbo special stickers.