Rubicon Models - Austin "Tilly" HP10 (1/56 scale)

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Product Overview

Austin “Tilly” HP10

Utility Vehicle

A Tilly (from "Utility") is a utility vehicle produced during World War Two based on existing car designs for use by the British armed forces.

Product Highlights:

- Multi-slide mould cabin for ease-of-assembly

- Choice of 3 radiator grilles

- Spare tyre with or without canvas cover

- With or without roadwheel cap covers

- With or without tarpaulin cover

- Rear canvas cover can open or closed

- Rear trunk tailgate can be open or closed

- 2 figures in British uniform (driver and passenger) included

Product Code: 280110

Number of Parts: 49 pieces / 1 sprue + 2 multi-slide mould parts

Plastic Kit - ABS Cement Required

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